Pallet Management


Join-p is a system of hardaware & software to let you monitoring your valuable products 24/7. The system is composed by a Bluetooth datalogger, a mobile app and a cloud platform.

Every 10 minutes the datalogger awake to register data from sensors, then return in low-energy mode. Everytime you need it simply go next (up to 100 meters in open area) to the datalogger with your smartphone and we’ll do the magic: our mobile app download data automatically or manually if you prefer, then immediately upload to our cloud platform.

In the cloud you can read all archived track data, and you can get alerts if something is gone wrong with parameters of the expeditions.
You can even choose to integrate our cloud platform with your logistic systems to get directly data in your preferred working environment.

1. place the device

Put your device inside the load you want to trace.

2. connect to the system

Connect your JoinP device to your expedition code created in out plaftform, or directly in your systems.

3. download data

Read data everytime/everywhere via app, in background or manually, you choose.

4. Get alerts

Directly on your systems or in JoinP cloud platform, even directly in your email.